Option 1


Click Here to www.order.FibreBroadband.com.sg to sign up your application online. Simply follow the step by step instruction. Upload your particulars,I/C and payment details in there and after your final review, MyRepublic will send you an SMS code to your mobile phone which you will need to key in to complete the online sign up.



If at any stage during the sign up, the sign up page prompt you for the “Dealer Code” and “Representative ID” as shown below:
Order3-1024x580 Order Online




Simply key in “D1000604″ as the Dealer Code and “S7329444D” as the Representative ID as shown below:
ORDER1-1024x550 Order Online




Check if the Dealer CodeRepresentative ID are shown up on the top right hand corner of the page before you continue the sign up in order to receive any exclusive Free gift.
ORDER2-1024x591 Order Online






 Option 2


Do not have a computer at home?  No worries.

Simply contact us @ 6543 6978 (Mon – Sat, 10am – 8pm) and we will arrange an appointment with one of our top 100 MyRepublic Authorised Partner to meet you up for a discussion and assist you to complete the online sign up process on the spot.


 So please do not worry, we are just a phone call away    Sign Up At Your Door Step






*What happens after I submitted my order online?
MyRepublic order team will call you within 2-3 working days to confirm your order and installation date.

If we did not call you within this time frame, please give us a wake up call at 6543 6978.